CHRMD Hydrating Set
CHRMD Hydrating Set

CHRMD Hydrating Set

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This AMBER MUSK set comes with 3 different size options (3ml CHRMD Cuticle Pen, 10ml CHRMD Roller & 15ml CHRMD Oil Dropper) for your at home nail care routine, your on the go fix & of course for your vacation kit! 

Made with organic almond, castor & olive oil, with hints of amber musk.

Almond oil plays a huge role in restoring ones nail health as it is full of all the necessary vitamins! (E, A, B1, B2 & B6). Outside of lotion, oil penetrates the nails and surrounding skin to protect, hydrate and strengthen. Alongside almond oil, castor oil gives your nails that extra boost to stimulate nail growth as well as prevents cracking, peeling, & hangnails! Castor oil helps alleviate white spots & has antimicrobial properties to prevent & treat nail fungus! 

($92.00 value)